About Kyme


Signed as a recording artist in her 20"s, Kyme survived a devastating experience with regard to the record business. Displaced & determined to rebuild her life in San Diego, never in a million years, did she dream, music would be revived. In late 2016, the goodness of God surprised her, leading to writing & performing her 1st song in over 12 years of silence at her local church's open mic. In the beginning of 2017, motivated by a song, she got herself back into the studio to record. Unbeknownst to her, relationships were being established.  After some production interruptions and disappointments, Kyme came into an open door by finding the right source for music production. Experimenting out of curiosity & pure fun with a Christmas song at the end of 2017 catapulted her into digital distribution, and a whole new world & box of tools opened up. Blessed with writing over 15 songs in the fall of 2017, direction & capacity was increased to put out her 1st EP, EPOCH. Released 3/20/2018., Kyme is learning her pace, and intently listening, for what's next.


Led to put out a GoFundme in the Fall of 2017, Kyme was surprised at the love & support given by each donation and encouragement. Upon an opportunity to go to Nashville as a callback for the possibility of a unpaid,  non-profit, national tour,  she has been led to keep this GoFundme open for continued support. Your consideration to support is deeply appreciated.

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Behind The Music Minutes

Music Videos/Live Performances

Invited to be one of the openers for Awakening Intl's Kingdom Creativity Conference 2018, this event marked the 1st public performance for Supernatural & choir. At sound check, the wireless mic was not working. I had to stay tethered & wired, but being able to inspire a spirit of carefreedom in this lifestyle of faith was what I hoped this performance accomplished.

Light Me Up

1st Single Off EPOCH released 2/28/18

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